6 Questions to ask while reading the Word
Is there a sin to forsake?
Is there a command to obey?
Is there an example to follow?
Is there a new truth about Jesus?
Is there a promise to claim?
Is there an error to avoid?

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10-2-16 Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)
10-9-16 Special Report – no video available
10-16-16 Happy Hour
10-23-16 A Backsliders Song
09-4-16 – Patrick Hall (sermon available on LiveStream only)
09-11-16 & 09-12-16 – Guest Speaker Kelly Green
09-18-16 Choosing To Win And Winning The Choice
09-25-16 A Settled Word In An Unsettled World
08-07-16–A Soulwinner’s Song
08-14-16–Bless the Lord
08-21-16–Steve Carlson (sermon available on LiveStream only)
08-28-16–Revive: Life On Life
07-03-16 – Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)
07-10-16 – Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)
07-17-16–God’s 9-1-1 Answer
07-24-16–Trees of Righteousness
07-31-16–The Worth of Worship
06-05-16–A Story of Sex and Sin – Fault and Forgiveness
06-12-16–Life Greatest Pursuit
06-19-16–Seasons of Family Living II
06-26-16–The Story of Me In The Sory of Thee
May 1-4 Life Action – Thirst Conference
05-08-16–Seasons of Family Living–Part I
05-15-16–How to Calm Down When You are all Worked
05-22-16–When the Springs Run Dry
05-29-2016 Pastor Scott Peck (sermon available on LiveStream only)
April 2016
04-03-06–Facing My Fears
04-10-16–If God says I am Forgiven Why Don’t I Feel Forgiven
04-17-16–Broken Hearts and Crushed Spirits
04-24-16–Brokenness Begins Revival
March 2016
03-06-16–Getting to Know the God we Worship
03-13-16–You Need a Shepherd More Than You Know
03-20-16–Jesus Our King of Glory
03-27-16–What If
February 2016
02-07-16–Partnership in the Gospel
02-14-16 – Matt Morton (sermon available on LiveStream only)
02-21-16–Our Most Valuable Possession
02-28-16–The Language of God Revelation Response
January 2016
01-10-16–You’re Fired
01-17-16–Stoned Giants and Dirty Disciples
01-24-16–First Fellowship–A Place at the Table
01-31-16–French Fries Big Boxes and Financial Freedom

December 2015
12-06-15–Christmas Hope
121315–Playing the Itune of Christmas Joy
12-20-15–Playing the iTune of Christmas Peace
12-27-2015 – Pastor Matt Crowe (sermon available on LiveStream only)
November 2015
11-01-15–Ordering Your Way in a Disodered World
11-08-15–The Life Changing Power of Praise
11-15-2015 – Dr. Ezell (sermon available on LiveStream only)
11-22-15–Foolish Assumptions and Faithful Answers
11-29-15–How Long O Lord
October 2015
10-4-15 – Discipleship Weekend (available on LiveStream only)
10-11-15 – Worley Adoption Weekend (available on LiveStream only)
10-11-15–The Gospel of Mayberry in a Blackberry World
10-25-15–Winners and Losers in the Word and World